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The Seal Company formed because of a gap in the market.

Not for suppliers of Fridge Door Seals but for a reliable supply.

The research we carried out found that:

  • The service was slow, could take over a week to receive the Seals.
  • Size often wrong when it arrived.
  • The seal was the wrong type and would not push in due to dart sizes etc.
  • Quality poor. Mainly due to cheap imports.
  • Generally uncaring customer service.

All of the above was clearly causing frustration

The Seal Company simply went about rectifying all of these problems.

  • Most orders are shipped within 2 days (often same day)
  • We have created a section on our Website dedicated to customers selecting the correct Fridge Door Seal and this includes videos on how to measure. Click here to take a look:
  • The above link will also help you identify your Seal type/profile.
  • We don’t think our quality can be matched. Our raw products come from the UK or western Europe. This allows us to know what is put into the plastics and rubber. We are able to request specification sheets on these products. We also heat weld the Fridge Seal corners and test strength.

  • Creating good customer relations is paramount in our business. Even though our website can deal with most enquiries, our customer services team are more than happy to receive enquiries via email: or Phone: 01379 788221


If your search is unsuccessful or you do not have a make or model number, take a look through our guide:

If you are a refrigeration engineer you can register as trade to receive the best prices:

The Seal Company invite you to register and look at a selection of prices. We know the prices of our Fridge Door Seals are very competitive so please give it a try and to see how easy quick and easy it is to purchase. Note that you can also enter the part number in place of the model number. Part numbers in brackets.

FOSTER         EPREMG1350H  (01-231709-01)

WILLIAMS   LC2T   (Gasket 690)

GRAM            K400RU  (761220036)

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