Fridge Seals Made Easy!

We are all in the midst of coping with the fallout of the Corona Virus. We sincerely hope you are all keeping as well and as sane as possible.

At The Seal Company we are trying to prepare for when we are released from our shackles. We are simply looking at ways of coming out the other side with an even better model to help our customers get the best quality service we can provide.

Maintenance of fridges still has to go on through this crisis especially in hospitals and laboratories but also pretty much everywhere else. We completely understand where priorities are right now but if you are a refrigeration engineer that needs a fridge door seal or if you are an owner/manager within the hospitality industry. The Seal Company are still able to send you your replacements.

We have developed a great system to guide our customers through the whole process of Identifying, measuring and replacing their fridge door seals. You can bookmark The Seal Company on your phone or tablet to make finding a quote much easier and much more mobile. Simply follow the instructions for either Android or iPhone:

If you have a make and model number, just type into our search. If successful, you will be given an instant quote (minus delivery and vat). If unsuccessful simply click on box 1 from our home page and you will be guided through the whole process of finding the correct fridge door gasket.

You can also register; this will make any future orders that little bit quicker but also enable you to save items to your basket for later payment.

Engineers can register a trade account; this will provide you with wholesale prices and list a history of purchases.

Whilst we have spent a lot of time and energy developing an online shop we are always here to help in the more conventional ways. If you are unsure of your order or do not like ordering online, you can call us: 01379 788221 or email:

Until the next time, stay safe and healthy and hopefully we will all be back to some normality soon.

Reliable Suppliers!

The Seal Company formed because of a gap in the market.

Not for suppliers of Fridge Door Seals but for a reliable supply.

The research we carried out found that:

  • The service was slow, could take over a week to receive the Seals.
  • Size often wrong when it arrived.
  • The seal was the wrong type and would not push in due to dart sizes etc.
  • Quality poor. Mainly due to cheap imports.
  • Generally uncaring customer service.

All of the above was clearly causing frustration

The Seal Company simply went about rectifying all of these problems.

  • Most orders are shipped within 2 days (often same day)
  • We have created a section on our Website dedicated to customers selecting the correct Fridge Door Seal and this includes videos on how to measure. Click here to take a look:
  • The above link will also help you identify your Seal type/profile.
  • We don’t think our quality can be matched. Our raw products come from the UK or western Europe. This allows us to know what is put into the plastics and rubber. We are able to request specification sheets on these products. We also heat weld the Fridge Seal corners and test strength.

  • Creating good customer relations is paramount in our business. Even though our website can deal with most enquiries, our customer services team are more than happy to receive enquiries via email: or Phone: 01379 788221


If your search is unsuccessful or you do not have a make or model number, take a look through our guide:

If you are a refrigeration engineer you can register as trade to receive the best prices:

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Tips for a Healthy Fridge

This is the time of year when it is best to check all your fridges and freezers. As soon as the weather improves, they are going to be made to work much harder to maintain a constantly low temperature. When you get busy, the last thing you want is for your appliances to start breaking down.

Here are a few checks you can make to make sure your fridges and freezers operate efficiently but also comply with the EHO:

  • Check that they are level. Use a spirit level side to side and back to front.

If the Fridge or freezer is unlevel the door is unlikely to close properly without creating gaps. 

  • Clean the dust from around the Coils and Fins (usually at the back of the appliance). These items must have a degree of air circulation to allow the Fridge to work efficiently.
  • Make sure your Fridge or Freezer is not overloaded. There must be space for the air to circulation within the unit.
  • Clean your Fridge Door Seals. Use a cloth and heavily diluted detergent in warm water. This will not only clean off unwanted bacteria but will help prevent the seals splitting.
  • Check the Fridge Door Seals are working properly. Door seals will wear out over time. Check for:
  1. Splits: Will allow bacteria in and prevent the seals from operating properly.
  2. Hardening: Old Fridge Door Seals will start to harden. Seals need to remain flexible to create a proper seal. Old Seals will often stay squashed.

For any help you need with Identifying, measuring and purchasing the correct Fridge Door Seal, visit     or call: 01379 788221

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Fridge Door Seals Really!


Toilet Rolls, Cleaning Fluids, Napkins

All of the above have one thing in common. They are boring products of which we give little thought, but all of them are as important as any other you will purchase throughout the year.

Fridge Door Seals are definitely in this category. However, unlike Toilet rolls, you do need to spend a little more time selecting and purchasing the correct product.

If I were a chef I would much rather spend my time creating a beautiful culinary delight.


Gourmet Restaurant Food – Delicious Smoked Salmon and Vegetable Salad. Luxury Appetizer Restaurant Food

The Seal Company specialise in commercial Fridge Door Seals. Slightly less visual but just as necessary.

Simply click on this link:

This will take you through the process, whether you have all the Fridge or Freezer information or not.

Choosing to use The Seal Company for all of your Fridge Door Seals will allow you to spend more on the things that people really love about your business, whether that be higher quality ingredients or more elegant furnishings.

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2020 Spring Clean.

Lets face it January and February are generally the months to get all those jobs done that we have no time for during the busier spring and Summer months.

Cleaning all of your kitchen and bar appliances is one of those tasks.

Cleaning and checking your Fridge Door Seals for wear/splits is essential maintenance. The Seal Company have 10 year’s experience at making the process of replacing Commercial Fridge Door Seals as easy as possible.

Simply type in:   Whether you know the make and model or have no details of you appliance you will be able to find the correct fridge or freezer seal.

We know from previous research that it is tempting to put off this task purely because not everyone knows where to start with identifying their freezer door seal. The Seal Company:

  • Show you what to look for on your appliance manufacturers Plate. (if you have this information simply type this into the search).
  •  Have instructional videos on Identifying the seal type (Profile).
  • Videos on measuring you Fridge Seal properly.
  • Videos on how to replace the different types of Fridge Gasket.

We have a huge database of all the well-known brands on the market including the most popular Foster Fridge Seals and Williams Fridge Seals.

We manufacture over 90% of our Commercial Fridge Seals at our purpose build unit here in beautiful north Devon. This means we do not incur 3rd party costs and can therefore offer you- not only the very best quality Seals-but also the best prices.

Our customer Service is both friendly and very informative, so if you have any doubts with your order just call: 01379 788221 we will-of course- take orders by email and phone as well as through our website.

So hopefully I have persuaded you to check your Fridge Door Seals to make sure you are all set for a fantastically profitable season knowing that all of your equipment is running efficiently and hygienically.

Thank you until next time.


If you run a commercial food business then-at some stage- you will be required to replace the fridge door seals.

You need to:

  • Measure them.
  • Identify them, if you’re lucky you will have a make and a model number.
  • Look for a company to supply them at a cost good price.
  • If you receive the correct Seal, you will then need to fit it correctly to make sure it is fully effective.

If you start with then you can’t go far wrong.

The Seal Company website guides you through the whole process. If you know you makes and models then great, just type them into search to receive a great price. If you don’t have these details, fear not, we can guide you through using our video tutorials

The Seal Company have spent 10 years perfecting the process of Identifying, measuring, purchasing and fitting fridge door seals so that our customers can spend more of their valuable time concentrating on their own customers.

We manufacture the fridge door seals at our Unit in Devon and sell direct to the customer. The raw materials we use are ethically sourced and Food grade, all purchased from either the UK or Western Europe. This is the only way to know the true grades of plastics and rubber components that go into the Fridge Seals we produce and to know that the people making them are both paid and treated well.

We have a fantastic production facility where we have streamlined all processes to produce Fridge Door Seals at the very best prices. As we are the manufacturers, we have a vested interest in our products.

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Are your Kitchens Ready for Summer?

If you have a business that has commercial fridges and freezers then it’s definitely time to check your Units.

Whilst you carry out your – ready for summer clean – also check that your Fridge door seals are not worn or damaged.

As soon as the temperature starts to rise in the spring your refrigeration equipment will start to work much harder. If your fridge door seals are old, split or worn this may start to cause the units to work less efficiently and may even lead to breakdowns.

A simple fridge door seal replacement will cost you far less than equipment failure which can run into hundreds.

The Seal Company are here to help with every aspect of fridge door seal replacement and freezer door seal replacement. Click on this link to be guided through the process:

We have all of the most popular makes and models on our vast database, including: Foster, Williams, Gram, Blizzard ……….

Standard under counter Williams Fridge Door Seals start from £22.95

Standard under counter Foster Fridge Seals start from £23.80

(prices are excluding vat and delivery)

So save yourselves time/hassle and money visit our website: or Call 01379 788221 where we will be more than happy to help.

Please read on for more information.

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  1. Get Fit and Stay Healthy
  2. Try to make my Life Easier.
  3. Stop Wasting Money.


The Seal Company won’t be able to help you with the first one, that’s all down to you. We can definitely help you with the other two goals.

If – at any point this year –  you require Commercial fridge door seals then we can both make your life easier and save you money.

The Seal Company specialise in making the whole process of ordering the correct Fridge Door Seal as easy as possible. We completely understand how easy and costly it can be to get it wrong.

If you know the make and model of your fridge door seal simply type these details into the search bar from our home page:

If this search does not give you a result you can follow the steps from Box 1 homepage or direct from:

Step 1 explains what you should be typing into the search box, if you have an identification plate.

Step 2 explains “How to Measure” you fridge door seal.

Step 3 explains “Identifying your Gasket/Seal”

Step 4 explains How to remove and replace a fridge door gasket or freezer door gasket.

Step 5 Tips on how to achieve a perfect fridge door seal.

We also offer a full ordering service over the phone  via our very helpful and knowledgeable customer service team: 01379 788221

We pride ourselves in producing quality fridge seals that will last longer. We also source our raw materials from western Europe. This ensures that the materials meet all the required regulation standards.

98% of our fridge door seals are manufactured at our unit in North Devon. We aim to deliver all orders in 2-5 days but most smaller orders are delivered next day.

We hope this information will encourage you to give us a try next time you need to order fridge door seals.

Please read more to see some examples of prices

Happy New Year! 

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Replace a Fridge Door Seal in 3.5 minutes!

Would you pay someone £15 to replace your Commercial Fridge Door Seals?

Take a few minutes to look at this video and note the time from start to finish:

3 minutes 30 seconds to change a full upright fridge door seal. Most commercial seals are less than half this size and take around 2-3 minutes to replace.

A large commercial kitchen has between 20 and 60 fridge door seals, at £15 each! you do the maths.

Any member of staff could replace 5 seals in less than 1/2 hour.

The Seal Company offer a direct service, supplying 1000’s of Branded Fridge Door Seals as well as unlimited bespoke/Custom Made Fridge Door Deals.

Please Note: Any independent company that offers to replace your Fridge Door Seals will incur very high costs and these costs WILL be passed on to their customers.


  • We source only the best raw materials from the UK and Europe.
  • The Seal Company Manufacture seals to any size and apply rigorous testing and quality control procedures to each one.

Customer Service:

We are dedicated to making the process of buying  Replacement Fridge Door Seals as easy as possible, we provide help and advice on all aspects of: Identifying, measuring and fitting your fridge door seals. We also have videos to help with the process. Please select the one you want from this link:

Low Prices:

We receive high volume discounts on our raw materials and pass these on to our customers.

Order turn around:

We understand that it is often the case that fridge door seals are required urgently. The Seal Company can often turn small orders round in 24 hours, but we endeavour to dispatch all orders within 2-3 days. Continue reading “Replace a Fridge Door Seal in 3.5 minutes!”

Keep It Cold!

There are several reasons why your commercial fridge or freezer could be performing badly, causing the temperature to rise beyond a safe level for cold storage.

Your Fridge or Freezer is not performing as it should:

  • It just isn’t cold enough even though you have set the temperature to where it should be..
  • You are experiencing excessive frosting.

The first and easiest place to start is with the Fridge Door Seal.

Over time a Fridge Door Gasket can become brittle or split. If this is the case your Seal needs changing and this will hopefully solve the problems with the performance.

If your Fridge Door Seal doesn’t appear damaged take a look at how it is sealing all the way round. Over time fridge doors do become warped or the main body of the fridge becomes out of line. This could have the affect of pulling the Fridge Door gasket away at certain points and allowing heat into the unit, this will cause a degree of frosting and make it harder for the fridge to remain cold enough. It will definitely increase the workload of the unit.

For more information on this and some useful tips please take a look at our video:

If your Fridge Door Gasket is in good working order you can check the back of your Fridge or Freezer. Here you can see the Heat Exchanger coils and fins. These are designed to cool the gas as it passes through. These coils and fins will become clogged up with dirt over time, this dirt will reduce the ability of the coils and fins to cool the gas and have the effect of making the appliance less efficient. Please take a look at the following link which shows you how you can safely clean these areas.

One point this link doesn’t refer to: If there is a build up of fatty deposits on these coils. The fins and coils then need to be cleaned using a spray cleaner that will help dissolve the dirt. One popular product is RTU Condenser cleaner.

The Seal Company specialise in Replacement Fridge Seals but we also supply PVC Strip Curtains and Rubber Door Sweepers
We have developed a website dedicated to making the process of ordering Freezer Door Seals and Fridge Door Seals as easy as possible.

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