Identify, Measure & Replace

Step 1     Please type in the Make and Model into the Search

If you have an Identification plate which should be situated either inside or on the back of your unit:

1. Double check you have the correct makers name and full model number.
2. If your search is unsuccessful please follow the procedures to measure and identify your gasket/seal. Start with Step 2.

Step 2     How to Measure Your Gasket/Seal

You will need to provide the measurements of your gasket/seal.
Please watch this short video.

Flap/Lip Fixing

Dart Fixing
Step 3     Identify Your Gasket/Seal

To fully identify your gasket/seal you will need a Cross-Section of the profile. Please watch this short video.

Step 4     How to Remove and replace your gasket/seal

Establish the type of gasket/seal you have and then choose which video matches:

Dart Fixing profile

Flap/Lip Fixing Profile

Step 5     How to Achieve the perfect Seal

If you see gaps in your gasket/seal or the door will not shut properly please watch this short video to see if it helps.