Identify, Measure & Replace

Identification Plate

The Identification plate is usually situated either inside the door or on the back of your unit:

1. Double check you have the Correct Brand Name & Full Model Number.
2. If your cannot find the Identification Plate, please start with Step 2.
Measure Your Seal
Please Measure your Seal from either the Outside Edges or the Dart Centers.

Once you have your Measurements please move on to Step 3.
Identify Your Gasket/Seal

To identify your Gasket you will need to cut your Seal to see the Cross-Section view as demonstrated in our How to Identify guide video.

Once you have your seal profile and sizes you can order your seal from our Profile Overview.

Please see Steps 4 and 5 on how to fit your Door Seals.

How to Remove and Replace your Gasket/Seal

Fitting your Door Seal is easy and can be done in as little as 5 minutes using our helpful tutorials.

Establish the type of Gasket/Seal you have and then choose which video suits you:

Dart Fixing Profile

Flap/Lip Fixing Profile

How to Achieve the perfect Seal

Here are a few easy tips to ensure you fit your seal perfectly.

If you see gaps in your Gasket/Seal or the door will not shut properly please watch this short video.

If you still need a bit more assistance please do not hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly team!