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Providing OEM Quality Replacement Fridge Door Seals to both Trade and End user customers since 2009.


Welcome to The Seal Company.

Fridge Door Seals


We aim to provide quality replacement fridge seals to both Trade and end-user customers.

We were established in 2009. We have used our years of experience to develop this Website which is dedicated to making the process of ordering as easy as possible.

Our home page has 3 different steps that are designed to take our customers through the process whether they regularly purchase fridge door seals or have never carried out the task.

If you know the make and model/part number, simply type this into the search boxes. If successful you can follow the instructions to pay. If your search was unsuccessful click on box 1.

Box 1 (From Home Page)

If your search was unsuccessful or you have never changed or purchased a commercial fridge or freezer door gasket before it is best to start here. We will lead you through the process from beginning to end. 

You can view our How to videos which are a guide to How to identify, how to measure your gasket, how to replace a dart or flap fixing profile, and even tips on How to Achieve the Perfect Seal.

Once you have identified and measured your fridge door gasket you will need to choose the correct profile from our Profile Overview.

Box 2 (From Home Page)

From the identification you will know how the fridge door seal is fixed so you will need to select the appropriate category E.G Dart profiles. When you select Dart Profiles you will see a selection of cross-sections. The profiles are listed in order of popularity. Choose the one that most resembles your photo/sample.

You can click on the photo to receive an enlarged version for extra clarity.

When you click on "Quote" you will also have dimensions and advice on what to look for to avoid mistakes.

You can then just follow the instructions to order the correct product.

Type in your measurements (mm), Select how many sides, how have you measured, and colour choice. Now follow the instructions to "Cart".

Box 3 (From Home Page)

This is generally used for engineers who already know which profile they need; they can then simply enter the details for a quote.

If at any stage, you are unsure simply call our customer services team who are on hand to help with all enquiries: 01379 788221.

We manufacture and supply gaskets that are made in the UK- to at least OEM quality with materials sourced in the UK and Western Europe. We are constantly testing our Fridge door gaskets for quality and durability. Our prices are very competitive, but our quality and durability mean that they last longer, saving even more.

We also manufacture and supply a vast range of branded fridge door seals covering almost all refrigeration makers. We can supply these whether you have a make and model or if you do not, simply follow the instructions from the home page.

These are a few of the most popular makers that we provide fridge door gaskets for:

Foster Refrigeration

This is a British company that has just celebrated 50 years as a supplier of quality commercial refrigeration equipment. We supply Foster Fridge Seals for all their models, and we are constantly updating them.

Williams Refrigeration

Established over 30 years Williams is also a British company supplying quality commercial refrigeration equipment. We supply Williams Fridge Door Seals for most of their models.


Gram is one of the oldest refrigeration equipment companies established in 1901 in Denmark. We supply Gram Fridge Seals for most of their models.

As you can see many of these companies have been producing commercial refrigeration equipment for many years so there is a problem with parts becoming obsolete. We will always be able to manufacture the perfect door seal replacement.

We also supply:

PVC Curtains

It is also advisable to install PVC strip curtains. Cold room doors are often left open so within a short space of time the warm air from the kitchen will replace the cold air and this will affect the produce inside the cold room as well as shorten the life of the condenser and evaporator. The Seal Company can supply either single PVC strips or full sets in either standard chiller grade PVC or Polar freezer grade. To find our PVC door curtains either click on box 2 on the home page and then select PVC Strip Curtains or use the products drop-down menu.

Door Blades/Sweepers

On many larger doors, there will be the need for a rubber blade on the bottom. This is to help prevent warm air from entering the chiller. The Seal Company supplies door blades/sweepers in various sizes to suit the size of the door. We can supply the aluminum carriage and the rubber if both are needed. Simply Click Here

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