When should I Replace a Gasket/Seal?

There are two main reasons for replacing your Fridge or Freezer Door/Drawer Gasket/Seal:

  • If the gasket/Seal is split in anyway: This will not only affect the sealing of the door/drawer but also harbour bacteria.

Splits can be caused by something catching the Gasket/Seal such as a tray Etc. It could be a member of staff with long nails opening the door incorrectly. It could be just wear due to either time or high usage.

  • The Gasket/Seal is not sealing. If you look all around the gasket/Seal there should be no gaps. Gaps can appear for many reasons:
  • If the Gasket/Seal is very old and has lost its elasticity (older gasket/Seals often appear flatter because over time the plastic becomes brittle).
  • Gaps can also appear because the appliance has been moved and not levelled (this can mean the door is now not exactly in-line with the frame of the appliance).
  • The Door can become warped for various reasons.
  • The hinge may be worn or faulty.