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We are all in the midst of coping with the fallout of the Corona Virus. We sincerely hope you are all keeping as well and as sane as possible.

At The Seal Company we are trying to prepare for when we are released from our shackles. We are simply looking at ways of coming out the other side with an even better model to help our customers get the best quality service we can provide.

Maintenance of fridges still has to go on through this crisis especially in hospitals and laboratories but also pretty much everywhere else. We completely understand where priorities are right now but if you are a refrigeration engineer that needs a fridge door seal or if you are an owner/manager within the hospitality industry. The Seal Company are still able to send you your replacements.

We have developed a great system to guide our customers through the whole process of Identifying, measuring and replacing their fridge door seals. You can bookmark The Seal Company on your phone or tablet to make finding a quote much easier and much more mobile. Simply follow the instructions for either Android or iPhone:

If you have a make and model number, just type into our search. If successful, you will be given an instant quote (minus delivery and vat). If unsuccessful simply click on box 1 from our home page and you will be guided through the whole process of finding the correct fridge door gasket.

You can also register; this will make any future orders that little bit quicker but also enable you to save items to your basket for later payment.

Engineers can register a trade account; this will provide you with wholesale prices and list a history of purchases.

Whilst we have spent a lot of time and energy developing an online shop we are always here to help in the more conventional ways. If you are unsure of your order or do not like ordering online, you can call us: 01379 788221 or email:

Until the next time, stay safe and healthy and hopefully we will all be back to some normality soon.

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