Lip Profiles

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Door Gasket/Seals

Replacing your Fridge Seals has never been easier, please see our full guide on how to Identify, Measure & Replace your Door Seals.
If you have your Make and Model number, simply use our search bar. If you do not know the Make and Model or you do not get a match - of your Fridge or Freezer - cut your seal so that you can see the cross-section and find your profile. Any doubts about your Fridge Door Seal selection, please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help! 
The Seal Company is here to help you select the correct Fridge Door Seal. When you are matching your profile to the profile images above, make sure the dimensions are correct. Please check the height and width of the profile as well as the proportions of the fixing Lip.
The Seal Company will always do all we can to help.