For standard orders of bespoke stock profiles or branded seals, the typical delivery time is between 2-3 working days. We always try to turn around orders as soon as possible, often resulting in customers receiving smaller orders within 24 hours. If you require urgent delivery, please don't hesitate to inquire with our customer services team. It's important to note that approximately 10% of our profiles are sourced from third-party suppliers. In such cases, the delivery time extends to 7-10 days from the order date.

To receive a quote you can find the information for the seal you require using Identify, Measure & Replace.

Or you can contact our customer service team - 01379 788221 - sales@thesealcompany.co.uk

We are more than happy to receive your samples either as a whole Gasket/Seal or a piece of profile. If we receive the whole gasket/Seal we can verify the measurements and try to identify the correct profile. If you send a piece we try to Identify but you will need to supply us with the measurements. "How to measure your Gasket/Seal" Please note if you send a whole gasket/Seal we will need to cut through it, so regretfully we would not be able to return it.

We are more than happy to send you a sample. Usually we ask for a photo of the cross section first, we can then decide which profiles are similar and then send you one to try free of charge. We also have an extensive database so we often have a good idea which profiles fit the particular makes. Send photo to: sales@thesealcompany.co.uk or WhatsApp: 07379995088

Yes you can but we do need it to show the cross section of the Gasket/Seal as any other view/angle would be inconclusive. Please send your photos to: sales@thesealcompany.co.uk or WhatsApp: 07379995088

There are a few ways of measuring your Gasket/Seal please click on: "How to measure your Gasket/Seal"

If you have already cut the Gasket/Seal and can see the cross section then go to: Which Gasket/Seal should I choose? If you haven't yet cut the Gasket/Seal then please go to: Don't know your Make and Model?

We almost always take payments in advance of an order being processed. We only offer credit terms to companies that are having to order large quantities to satisfy their orders. There is also a significant cost to process credit accounts both in terms of time and the cost of full credit checks.

We currently ship our products all over the world and will always source the most secure and cost efficient method of shipment. We can also package the Items for you to arrange collection should you wish to do so.

We currently ship up to 7 gaskets for £12.00 + VAT (this does depend on the size of the Gaskets/Seals) once your order exceeds our standard box size we may add a small charge for extra packaging. Our standard courier has a weight and size limit so please refer to our customer services team for further assistance: 01379 788221 email: sales@thesealcompany.co.uk

We Supply anyone who has a Commercial fridge or freezer both trade and end users (We don't generally supply domestic models)

In the very unlikely event that you receive the wrong profile for your Fridge or freezer we will:

Make sure we haven't sent you a different profile from the one you ordered. If we have we will re-make it in the correct one and send it out to you free of charge.

If it is yourself that has chosen the wrong profile then we can establish the correct one and re-make it but you will be liable for the cost of re-making. We are confident that our system of identification etc. will make this a very unlikely occurrence. Please refer to: Don't know your Make and Model

In the very unlikely event that you receive the wrong size Gasket/Seal for your fridge or freezer we will:
Make sure we haven't sent you a different size from the one you ordered. If we have we will arrange collection and immediately re-make to the sizes supplied.

If it is yourself that has mistaken the measurements then we can:
If the measurements are too large by at least 3cm on both the width and height, then you can send back to The Seal Company and we can re-work, there will be costs both in the carriage and the re-work but they will be kept to a minimum. Please call the customers services team for details: 01379 788221 or e-mail: sales@thesealcompany.co.uk

If the measurements are too small then regrettably we will need to charge you the full cost of re-making.

If the Gaskets are larger than the box then they need to be folded, whilst we take every care to minimise wrinkles they are inevitable in many cases. Take the Gasket/Seal out of the box and lay it out flat in a room at ambient temperature, after a couple of hours the wrinkles should disappear, if they don't you can gently warm the wrinkled areas with a hairdryer (try not to hold the dryer too close to the Gasket/Seal) please refer to "How to achieve the perfect seal"

We will be happy to discuss multiple buy discounts on a case to case basis. Please call customer services on 01379 788221 or email: sales@thesealcompany.co.uk