Osborne Fridge Seals

Osborne Brand Fridge Door Seals

Osborne Refrigeration Ltd have been established for almost 60 years. They are a leading British manufacturer of refrigerators designed for the chilling and storage of Wines, Beers and cold beverages. They also have a professional range of Wine and Beer display cabinets, which are specified by leading breweries, drinks manufacturers and leisure companies across the world. They have a range designed specifically for milk and a variety of more specialised refrigerators.

The Seal Company manufacture and supply quality replacement Osborne Fridge Door Seals. You can search our database with your Make and Model.

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If you do not know your model, simply follow our helpful guide from Step 2 : https://www.thesealcompany.co.uk/identify-measure-replace.htmlThis guide will show you how to Identify, measure and Select the correct Fridge Door Seal for your Osborne Fridge. You can check out as a guest or Register. If you register you can speed up your next order and see your previous order history. If you are a refrigeration Engineer you will need to register to receive your wholesale prices: https://www.thesealcompany.co.uk/index-account/login.html