Gram Fridge Door Seals

The Seal Company have been manufacturing and supplying quality Gram Fridge Door Seals for over 10 years.
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We manufacture quality OEM standard gaskets and send them direct to you.
Gram is one of the oldest refrigeration equipment companies, established 1901 in Denmark.
We manufacture and stock Gram Door Seals for most of their models, these include the popular Gram-K200-K400-F200-F400-F150-FB1407-KB1407-KB2207 and many more.
The Seal Company only source our raw materials from either the UK or Western Europe as we feel this is the only way to ensure that the chemicals - used to produce the plastics - are safe around food preparation areas and medical environments. We know from our research that our gaskets are - at the very least - OEM standard.
Quality, durability and traceability are so important to us as we know this can be seriously compromised when seeking heavily discounted products.