Genfrost Fridge Seals

Genfrost Brand Fridge Door Seals
Genfrost Commercial Refrigeration equipment is manufactured in Poland and was established in 1995. They have fast become a respected brand in the industry.
 The Seal Company manufacture and supply OEM quality Genfrost Fridge Door Seals for most of their current models and we are constantly updating as new models come to the market.
If your search is unsuccessful we will still be able to make your Seal 
 If you have a Genfrost Fridge or Freezer but have no Model number or part number, we will still be able to get you the correct Fridge Door Seal. Follow the instructions from Step 2 of this link: this will show you all you need to know to select the correct profile and size of Gasket required. 
We manufacture high quality seals. The raw materials we use are all traceable as we only buy from the UK and other Western European Countries. We have a comprehensive database of Genfrost Door Gaskets, so simply type in your Make, Model/Part number to get your full description and price. It could not be easier to the register or check out as a guest: Please note, if you are a Refrigeration Engineer, you will need to register as trade to receive your wholesale discount. As we supply all Fridge Door Seals both branded and bespoke, you can order all your seals from just one place, this will of course, reduce your delivery costs.