Tips for a Healthy Fridge

This is the time of year when it is best to check all your fridges and freezers. As soon as the weather improves, they are going to be made to work much harder to maintain a constantly low temperature. When you get busy, the last thing you want is for your appliances to start breaking down.

Here are a few checks you can make to make sure your fridges and freezers operate efficiently but also comply with the EHO:

  • Check that they are level. Use a spirit level side to side and back to front.

If the Fridge or freezer is unlevel the door is unlikely to close properly without creating gaps. 

  • Clean the dust from around the Coils and Fins (usually at the back of the appliance). These items must have a degree of air circulation to allow the Fridge to work efficiently.
  • Make sure your Fridge or Freezer is not overloaded. There must be space for the air to circulation within the unit.
  • Clean your Fridge Door Seals. Use a cloth and heavily diluted detergent in warm water. This will not only clean off unwanted bacteria but will help prevent the seals splitting.
  • Check the Fridge Door Seals are working properly. Door seals will wear out over time. Check for:
  1. Splits: Will allow bacteria in and prevent the seals from operating properly.
  2. Hardening: Old Fridge Door Seals will start to harden. Seals need to remain flexible to create a proper seal. Old Seals will often stay squashed.

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