Fridge Door Seals Really!


Toilet Rolls, Cleaning Fluids, Napkins

All of the above have one thing in common. They are boring products of which we give little thought, but all of them are as important as any other you will purchase throughout the year.

Fridge Door Seals are definitely in this category. However, unlike Toilet rolls, you do need to spend a little more time selecting and purchasing the correct product.

If I were a chef I would much rather spend my time creating a beautiful culinary delight.


Gourmet Restaurant Food – Delicious Smoked Salmon and Vegetable Salad. Luxury Appetizer Restaurant Food

The Seal Company specialise in commercial Fridge Door Seals. Slightly less visual but just as necessary.

Simply click on this link:

This will take you through the process, whether you have all the Fridge or Freezer information or not.

Choosing to use The Seal Company for all of your Fridge Door Seals will allow you to spend more on the things that people really love about your business, whether that be higher quality ingredients or more elegant furnishings.


The Seal Company hold a huge stock range which enables us to offer very short delivery times.

We have an expert customer service team dedicated to finding you the correct Fridge Door Seal.

Our quality is second to none which means your seals will last longer..

Just to give you some idea of price on popular Commercial Fridges and Freezers:

Williams Fridge Door Seals: From £22.95

Gram Fridge Door Seals: From £22.95

Foster Door Seals: From £22.95

The Seal Company provide a wide range of seals for all types of commercial fridge and freezer door seals.


  • Undercounter Cabinets
  • Low Level Counters
  • Prep Station
  • Prep Tables
  • Pan Chillers
  • Upright Fridges
    • Xtra Blast Chillers
    • Controlled Thaw Cabinets
    • Blast Chillers and Occasional Freezers
    • Blast Freezers
    • Roll in Blast Chillers
    • Modular Blast Chillers
    • Walk in Coldrooms

If you are a Refrigeration Engineer or Manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment why not register for a trade account on our website:

As the manufacturer we  know exactly where our materials originate. We source only from either the UK or Western Europe as this is the only way we are able know that all of our products materials are safe and comply with UK food standards. We also know that the products are produced ethically.


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