2020 Spring Clean.

Lets face it January and February are generally the months to get all those jobs done that we have no time for during the busier spring and Summer months.

Cleaning all of your kitchen and bar appliances is one of those tasks.

Cleaning and checking your Fridge Door Seals for wear/splits is essential maintenance. The Seal Company have 10 year’s experience at making the process of replacing Commercial Fridge Door Seals as easy as possible.

Simply type in: http://www.thesealcompany.co.uk   Whether you know the make and model or have no details of you appliance you will be able to find the correct fridge or freezer seal.

We know from previous research that it is tempting to put off this task purely because not everyone knows where to start with identifying their freezer door seal. The Seal Company:

  • Show you what to look for on your appliance manufacturers Plate. (if you have this information simply type this into the search).
  •  Have instructional videos on Identifying the seal type (Profile).
  • Videos on measuring you Fridge Seal properly.
  • Videos on how to replace the different types of Fridge Gasket.

We have a huge database of all the well-known brands on the market including the most popular Foster Fridge Seals and Williams Fridge Seals.

We manufacture over 90% of our Commercial Fridge Seals at our purpose build unit here in beautiful north Devon. This means we do not incur 3rd party costs and can therefore offer you- not only the very best quality Seals-but also the best prices.

Our customer Service is both friendly and very informative, so if you have any doubts with your order just call: 01379 788221 we will-of course- take orders by email and phone as well as through our website.

So hopefully I have persuaded you to check your Fridge Door Seals to make sure you are all set for a fantastically profitable season knowing that all of your equipment is running efficiently and hygienically.

Thank you until next time.

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