If you run a commercial food business then-at some stage- you will be required to replace the fridge door seals.

You need to:

  • Measure them.
  • Identify them, if you’re lucky you will have a make and a model number.
  • Look for a company to supply them at a cost good price.
  • If you receive the correct Seal, you will then need to fit it correctly to make sure it is fully effective.

If you start with www.thesealcompany.co.uk then you can’t go far wrong.

The Seal Company website guides you through the whole process. If you know you makes and models then great, just type them into search to receive a great price. If you don’t have these details, fear not, we can guide you through using our video tutorials https://www.thesealcompany.co.uk/identify-measure-replace.html

The Seal Company have spent 10 years perfecting the process of Identifying, measuring, purchasing and fitting fridge door seals so that our customers can spend more of their valuable time concentrating on their own customers.

We manufacture the fridge door seals at our Unit in Devon and sell direct to the customer. The raw materials we use are ethically sourced and Food grade, all purchased from either the UK or Western Europe. This is the only way to know the true grades of plastics and rubber components that go into the Fridge Seals we produce and to know that the people making them are both paid and treated well.

We have a fantastic production facility where we have streamlined all processes to produce Fridge Door Seals at the very best prices. As we are the manufacturers, we have a vested interest in our products.

There are many drop shippers that do not have this same interest in the products and are simply profit driven.

If fridge seals are sold very cheap it usually means they are poorer quality and will not last as long, it can also mean the plastics are made from untraceable substances that could be toxic.

These are just a few of examples of common fridge door seals we supply:

Williams fridge door seal HC1T  £27.20 + vat

Foster fridge door seal EPREM500H  £27.20 + vat

Gram fridge door seal K400LU  £27.20 + vat

We have a database that has literally 1000’s of makes and models and we always aim to be as competitive as possible.

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