Are your Kitchens Ready for Summer?

If you have a business that has commercial fridges and freezers then it’s definitely time to check your Units.

Whilst you carry out your – ready for summer clean – also check that your Fridge door seals are not worn or damaged.

As soon as the temperature starts to rise in the spring your refrigeration equipment will start to work much harder. If your fridge door seals are old, split or worn this may start to cause the units to work less efficiently and may even lead to breakdowns.

A simple fridge door seal replacement will cost you far less than equipment failure which can run into hundreds.

The Seal Company are here to help with every aspect of fridge door seal replacement and freezer door seal replacement. Click on this link to be guided through the process:

We have all of the most popular makes and models on our vast database, including: Foster, Williams, Gram, Blizzard ……….

Standard under counter Williams Fridge Door Seals start from £22.95

Standard under counter Foster Fridge Seals start from £23.80

(prices are excluding vat and delivery)

So save yourselves time/hassle and money visit our website: or Call 01379 788221 where we will be more than happy to help.

Please read on for more information.

The Seal Company have been manufacturing and supply direct to the customer for 10 years. We decided to concentrate our efforts on providing:

  • The highest quality Fridge Door Seals.
  • The Seal Company offer the fasted turnaround.
  • We have a friendly and efficient Customer Services Team on hand to help with your enquiries together with all the information to help you order the correct Fridge Door Gasket.
  • We have a brand new website that is easy to use and where you can buy all of your Fridge door Gaskets. If you have any problems call our Customer Service Team on: 01379 788221

As well as Replacement Fridge Door Seals we also make and supply Strip Door Curtains for Cold-Rooms and Rubber Door Blades. Just visit our Website:



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