Replace a Fridge Door Seal in 3.5 minutes!

Would you pay someone £15 to replace your Commercial Fridge Door Seals?

Take a few minutes to look at this video and note the time from start to finish:

3 minutes 30 seconds to change a full upright fridge door seal. Most commercial seals are less than half this size and take around 2-3 minutes to replace.

A large commercial kitchen has between 20 and 60 fridge door seals, at £15 each! you do the maths.

Any member of staff could replace 5 seals in less than 1/2 hour.

The Seal Company offer a direct service, supplying 1000’s of Branded Fridge Door Seals as well as unlimited bespoke/Custom Made Fridge Door Deals.

Please Note: Any independent company that offers to replace your Fridge Door Seals will incur very high costs and these costs WILL be passed on to their customers.


  • We source only the best raw materials from the UK and Europe.
  • The Seal Company Manufacture seals to any size and apply rigorous testing and quality control procedures to each one.

Customer Service:

We are dedicated to making the process of buying  Replacement Fridge Door Seals as easy as possible, we provide help and advice on all aspects of: Identifying, measuring and fitting your fridge door seals. We also have videos to help with the process. Please select the one you want from this link:

Low Prices:

We receive high volume discounts on our raw materials and pass these on to our customers.

Order turn around:

We understand that it is often the case that fridge door seals are required urgently. The Seal Company can often turn small orders round in 24 hours, but we endeavour to dispatch all orders within 2-3 days.

The Seal Company manufacture and supply all of the most popular makes and models of fridge and freezer door seals, these are just a few examples with our prices excluding delivery and vat:

Foster Door Seals: Foster GSC1  £23.80

Williams Door Seals: Williams HO2U  £23.95

Gram Door Seals: Gram K400LU  £27.20

Polar Door Seals: Polar CD604  £22.80

Osborne Fridge Seals: 180E  £24.80

If you require any more information regarding Replacement Fridge Seals just call The Seal Company customer service team on: 01379 788221

As well as Fridge Door Gaskets The Seal Company also supply PVC Strip Door Curtains please see link:



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