Keep It Cold!

There are several reasons why your commercial fridge or freezer could be performing badly, causing the temperature to rise beyond a safe level for cold storage.

Your Fridge or Freezer is not performing as it should:

  • It just isn’t cold enough even though you have set the temperature to where it should be..
  • You are experiencing excessive frosting.

The first and easiest place to start is with the Fridge Door Seal.

Over time a Fridge Door Gasket can become brittle or split. If this is the case your Seal needs changing and this will hopefully solve the problems with the performance.

If your Fridge Door Seal doesn’t appear damaged take a look at how it is sealing all the way round. Over time fridge doors do become warped or the main body of the fridge becomes out of line. This could have the affect of pulling the Fridge Door gasket away at certain points and allowing heat into the unit, this will cause a degree of frosting and make it harder for the fridge to remain cold enough. It will definitely increase the workload of the unit.

For more information on this and some useful tips please take a look at our video:

If your Fridge Door Gasket is in good working order you can check the back of your Fridge or Freezer. Here you can see the Heat Exchanger coils and fins. These are designed to cool the gas as it passes through. These coils and fins will become clogged up with dirt over time, this dirt will reduce the ability of the coils and fins to cool the gas and have the effect of making the appliance less efficient. Please take a look at the following link which shows you how you can safely clean these areas.

One point this link doesn’t refer to: If there is a build up of fatty deposits on these coils. The fins and coils then need to be cleaned using a spray cleaner that will help dissolve the dirt. One popular product is RTU Condenser cleaner.

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