Would you pay someone £15 to carry your shopping to the Car?

Is it because this is a job you can easily do yourself?
Is it because this seems an awful lot of money to pay someone for an unskilled job?
Is it because it would only take you a few minutes to do this yourself?
Or, is it because you could really spend this money on something much more exciting?



Fridge Door Seals are not the most exciting product in the world but just about every commercial premise in the world – that has a Fridge or Freezer – will have to replace them at some time.
I have used the analogy above because many businesses have been using people to come into their kitchens ETC to replace Fridge door gaskets at an average cost of £15 per gasket. This is a job that anyone can do in around 3 – 4 minutes per seal.
The Seal company sell Replacement fridge door seals – all over the world – direct from our factory in Devon.

Why buy Direct from The Seal Company?

Our Fridge door gaskets are cheaper if you buy just 1 (we charge a one off delivery charge). If you buy 2 they are much cheaper and so on.

We make our own replacement fridge door seals in a controlled factory environment with all the quality checks required.

We supply a vast range of seals from the very popular Foster door seals and Williams door seals to the very obscure.

The Seal Company website www.thesealcompany.co.uk guides you through the process of buying Fridge door seals, whether your appliance has any details or not.

Please keep a lookout for further posts over the next few weeks:

I will be giving you some really easy tips how you can help lengthen the life of your Fridge or Freezer and make it work at its optimum level.


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