About Us

The Seal Company are manufacturers and suppliers of commercial Fridge and Freezer door and Drawer Gaskets/Seals. 01379 788221 The Seal Company provides this service to anyone who has a commercial Fridge or Freezer.

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We currently supply commercial fridge and freezer door gaskets /seals to several large manufacturers, as well as some of the main high street food outlets, but we are equally happy to supply commercial fridge products to outlets with just 1 appliance.

The Seal Company has an ever-growing number of Trade customers from refrigeration engineers to catering equipment companies all of whom recommend our commercial fridge and freezer seals and gaskets.

Click here for a detailed list of the fridge units we supply for including Foster€™ Fridges and Williams Fridges.

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Although our largest market is in the UK, our overseas business, both in Europe and the rest of the world is expanding year on year.

Our main aim at The Seal Company is to make the process of identifying, measuring and ordering Fridge and Freezer Door Gasket/Seals as simple as possible. We have asked our customers how we can simplify the process and we truly believe - this website together with our highly qualified and motivated customer service team provides the most complete and comprehensive system available.

Can we find you the Correct Fridge or Freezer Gasket/Seal?
We have over 40 different Gaskets/Seals profiles, made specifically for fridge and freezers that we stock and can manufacture. 

Our vast range covers more than 85% of all the commercial Fridges and Freezers in the UK. The Seal Company also have a fantastic relationship with suppliers of the slightly more obscure profiles (around another 150 types of fridge and freezer seals and gaskets) which means we get the very best prices possible for the remaining 15%.

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Our Manufacturing
Our manufacturing unit in Devon has over 20,000 metres of Gasket/Seal profile in stock at all times. The Seal Company has automatic machines for the most popular Gasket/Seals, these are used for higher volume orders. We also have several manual machines for the smaller quantity orders. We service any sized order from 1 to 1000's.

Our Prices
Having studied all of the competition we know The Seal Company prices are extremely good. There are cases where we are 6 times cheaper than the RRP of some manufacturers. Our customers also save on delivery because they can order several different makes/types of fridge seal and have them sent out together.

We have carried out extensive research into this area over a number of years and now believe that we produce quality Gaskets that are at the very least as good as the manufacturer's originals and in many cases the quality is much higher. A high-quality Gasket/Seal not only means you will achieve a better seal for your appliance, but the Gasket/Seal will also last much longer, which will ultimately save you money.

When we manufacture a Gasket/Seal we have a quality control procedure at 3 different stages of production, our designated quality controller will

  • Double check measurements.
  • Double check welded corners meet our high quality control standard
  • Double check the Gasket/Seals are clean and packed correctly.

The Seal Company standard delivery time is between 2-5 working days, but we aim to turn orders around as soon as we can. It is not unusual for orders to arrive within 24 hours especially the smaller ones. The only exception to this is if the Gasket/Seal you order is not a stock item, in these cases delivery will be between 6-10 working days.

Our Makes and Models Database
The Seal Company has an extensive range of Fridge and Freezer Makes and Models in our database and you can simply search a Make and Model anytime.  Makes include Fosters, Williams, Infrico, Inomak, Gram, Osborne, and Iarp-Fridge and Freezer Seal/s. Plus many more.

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The kind of equipment we cater for:
We manufacture and Supply Commercial Door and Drawer Gaskets/Seals for: Prep Tables, Pizza Prep Tables, Pizza Make-line Tables, Side Fridges, Dough Retarders, Proving cabinets, Counter top Fridges, Salad Fridges, Upright Refrigerators, Upright Freezers, Under Counter Fridges, Under counter Freezers, Counter Fridges, Counter Freezers, Blast Chillers, Display Fridges, Display Freezers, Cold Room Fridges, Cold Room Freezers, Walk-In Fridges, Walk-In Freezers, Reach-In Fridges, Reach-In Freezers, Walk-In Coolers, Wine Cabinets, Refrigerated Workbenches, Glass Door Refrigerators, Bottle Coolers.

Laboratory Refrigerators, Laboratory Freezers, Pharmaceutical Refrigerators, Biomedical Refrigerators, Biomedical Freezers, Blood Bank Refrigerators, Blood Plasma Freezers, Specimen Freezers, Specimen Fridges, Mortuary Fridges.

The most popular makes we Supply Gasket/Seals for:
Foster, Williams, Gram, Caravelle, Iarp, Blizzard, Inomak, Infrico, Mondial Elite, MPS, Polar, True, Lec, Electrolux, Zanussi, Bonnet

Other makes

  • Afinox
  • Alaska
  • Alpeniox
  • Angelo po
  • Apollo
  • Arevalo
  • Autonumis
  • Beko
  • Blizzard
  • Bonnet
  • Caravell
  • Chef king
  • C & D
  • Castelmac
  • Cof-alcod
  • Cold line
  • Coreco
  • Delfield
  • Derby fridges
  • Desmon
  • Dexion
  • Electrolux
  • Emmepi
  • Enefrigo
  • Everlasting
  • Fagor
  • Fermod
  • Fiocetti
  • Framec
  • Foster
  • FreeCee
  • Frigovell
  • Friulinox
  • Galart
  • Gamko
  • Gemm
  • Gram
  • Genfrost
  • Husky
  • Iarp
  • Iberna
  • Ifi
  • Iglu
  • Ilsa
  • Infrico
  • Inomak
  • Innotech
  • Interlevin
  • IRF
  • ISA
  • Lec
  • LTH
  • Mareno
  • MBM
  • Mercatus
  • Modular
  • Mondial Elite
  • MPS
  • Norcool
  • Osborne
  • Olis
  • Pastorfrigor
  • Polar
  • Polaris
  • Porkka
  • Precision
  • Sadia
  • Sagi
  • Scanfrost
  • Silko
  • SilverKing
  • SilverWing
  • Sterling
  • Studio FH
  • Surfrigo
  • Technodome
  • Tefcold
  • True
  • Unifrigor
  • Zanussi
  • Zoin Hill
  • Zoni